In-Home Sleep Study

An In-Home Sleep Study can be an important diagnostic tool for Joliet, IL residents who have issues like sleep apnea. Internal Medicine & Family Practice offers patients an easy way to have the necessary sleep tests in their own home.

In-Home Sleep Study Q&A

What is an In-Home Sleep Study?

An in-home sleep study is a sleep study tool that can be used for diagnosis of conditions such as obstructive sleep apnea. The majority of in-home sleep studies are conduction with portable devices that are no larger than an old fashioned telephone. This type of sleep study is entirely done at a patient's own home and the doctor will not be involved until the results are analyzed. Sometimes, in-home sleep studies are called "unattended sleep studies" as well.

What Does an In-Home Sleep Study Measure?

An in-home sleep study typically measures several different biologic parameters. Nasal airflow and oral airflow are measured through an ultra-thin wire that is attached next to the nose and the mouth. The respiratory effort is also tested. This test is done through elastic bands that stretch across the chest and abdominal areas. The oximeter finger probe is another common component of an in-home sleep study. This tiny device is attached to the tip of the index finger in most cases, and its job is to evaluate the blood oxygen level during sleep.

Why Does the Doctor Order an In-Home Sleep Study?

The doctor may order an in-home sleep study when they suspect that the patient suffers from obstructive sleep apnea. This condition causes the patient to stop breathing for brief periods many times throughout the night. During the in-home sleep study, the patient will use the equipment for at least 1 night but possibly for up to 3 nights. After that, the patient will bring the equipment back so that the data can be downloaded and analyzed. Once the physician has interpreted the data, they can make a diagnosis and form a treatment plan that will work for the patient.

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