In-Office Cardiac Testing

In-Office Cardiac Testing, also called stress testing, is an important part of evaluating heart function for many patients. The doctors at Internal Medicine & Family Practice in Joliet, IL have the knowledge and skill to get the answers that patients need.

In-Office Cardiac Testing Q&A

What is a Stress Test?

A stress test is the most common kind of cardiac test. This test is designed to look for blood flood problems arising from blocked arteries within the heart. The stress test is also designed to evaluate the response that the heart has to exercise.

What is the Most Common Stress Test?

The most common kind of stress test requires a patient to walk on a treadmill until their heart rate and blood pressure are increased. This gives the doctor the information that they need to evaluate the way the heart is responding to exercise. Some people may not be physically well enough to do a standard treadmill stress test. In these cases, a chemical stress test can be administered as an alternative.

How Can Patients Prepare For a Stress Test?

A stress test usually takes no more than an hour or so from beginning to end. Patients should dress comfortably in loose fitting clothing and sturdy walking shoes. It is best to eat at least a light meal or snack prior to the test. Patients should also make sure to drink plenty of water ahead of the test since they will be losing body fluids as they sweat during the stress test. The doctor will advise patients regarding their current medications before the test. Some medications may need to be discontinued for a short time prior to the testing.

What Are Some Other Types of Cardiac Tests?

There are several other in-house cardiac tests, as well. A cardiac ultrasound, also called an echocardiogram, is a common cardiac test. The doctor may also perform defibrillator evaluations, pacemaker evaluations, and many other types of cardiac tests if they are needed. Since all of these tests are done on-site, results are obtained much faster than they would otherwise be.

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