Obesity can result in issues like diabetes, hypertension, heart problems, and more. Beating Obesity requires the help and support of a medical care professional like the doctors at at Internal Medicine & Family Practice in Joliet, IL.

Obesity Q&A

When Does Overweight Turn Into Obesity?

When a person has a Body Mass Index of between 25 and 29.9, they are considered to be clinically overweight. When the Body Mass Index tops 30, the patient is considered to be clinically obese. A Body Mass Index of 40 or more is considered to be extreme obesity. While all obesity is dangerous, people with BMIs of 40 or greater have even more of an urgent need to lose the weight and save their health.

How Common is Obesity Now?

Obesity has become extremely common, particularly within America today. More and more people are becoming obese, with current estimates indicating that around 35 percent of adults (more than one-third of all adults in the United States) are obese today.

Can Obesity Be Beaten?

Yes, obesity can be beaten, but it takes determination and expert guidance. The most important thing that an obese person can do is to find a doctor who has experience in guiding obese patients back to health again. Many people who struggle with obesity benefit from a medically supervised weight loss program. In this type of program, the doctor and patient will work together to determine which type of weight loss will be most effective. This medical guidance will typically include diet planning, lifestyle recommendations, exercise recommendations, and medications if they are medically indicated.

What is a Healthy Goal Weight?

A healthy goal weight usually falls into a range. This range will be based upon the Body Mass Index. People are said to be in the normal weight range when they have a Body Mass Index of between 18.5 to 24.9. While it will take some hard work to get into that range, there is no reason that an obese person cannot achieve that weight loss and reclaim their health with the help and guidance of an experienced health care provider.

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