A Spirometry test is used to diagnose conditions such as COPD. The team at Internal Medicine & Family Practice in Joliet, IL is ready to help with both testing and treatment.

Spirometry Q&A

How Does a Spirometer Help With Diagnosis?

A spirometer can verify that there is a problem with the respiratory system. It is not always possible to determine airflow obstruction without the help of a specific test, so this test is designed for specifically that reason. The test may diagnose health problems such as COPD and asthma. For measuring the way that lungs work, there is no more reliable indicator than the spirometer for many patients.

How Does a Spirometry Test Work?

A spirometry test is quite simple in most cases. While it can make a person feel tired, it won't be painful for most people at all. Patients need to inhale deeply and then blow as hard as possible into the tube leading to the spirometry machine when the doctor instructs them to do so. The machine will reflect a series of measurements that indicate lung function to the doctor. This test is conducted while the patient is comfortably seated, and it usually only takes around 10 minutes to so. Some COPD or asthma patients may be tested both before and after they use an inhaled bronchodilator so that the effectiveness and speed of delivery of the medicine can be evaluated.

What Are the Guidelines For a Successful Spirometry Test?

The physician will guide each patient through the test and will have specific customized recommendations. However, some good general guidelines include breathing in as fully and as deeply as possible, sealing the lips fully around the mouthpiece while inhaling and exhaling, and blowing out with as much force as possible, as quickly as possible. While the test may leave patients a bit short of breath, that is usually quite short-lived, and it is well worth it to have the highly accurate diagnosis of issues that a spirometry test can bring.

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