Stress Echo

A Stress Echo (Echocardiogram) is an important part of diagnostics for some patients today. Joliet, IL residents can count on Internal Medicine & Family Practice to guide them through this process with ease.

Stress Echo Q&A

How Should a Patient Prepare For a Stress Echo?

A patient needs to dress appropriately in light, comfortable clothes that allow the body to breathe. Tennis shoes or other shoes that are appropriate for workouts are the best shoes for this test since the body will be in motion continually. Patients do not need to fast before a stress echo and, in fact, it is best to have a small meal prior to the test. A good night of sleep is important before the stress echo so that the body is fully rested and able to put full energy into the test.

What Should a Patient Bring to the Test?

A patient should bring all of their current medications to the stress echo appointment, still in the bottles, so the physician can verify medications before starting. This includes asthma inhalers. If the patient has ever undergone another stress echo at another facility, those results should be brought along as well.

What Medications Are Prohibited?

There are many different medications that should be discontinued prior to a stress echo. These medications are normally stopped for 2 days before the stress echo, as they can interfere with the test itself or with the test results. These medications include, but are not limited to, Acebutolol, Betapace, Bisoprolol, Cardizem, Dutoprol, Levatol, Metroprolol and more. For this reason, it is very important that the patient and doctor discuss medications both prior to the stress echo and at the stress echo.

How Long Does a Stress Echo Take?

The process will last for around an hour in total, but that will not all be exercise time. Patients generally are in motion for only 10 minutes or so of this time. There are variations among stress echo testing, however. Each patient's experience can be slightly different, so it is important to closely follow the doctor's guidance for this test.

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